Peter Cheung

Mr. Cheung is founder of Blockchains Limited. As Founder, Mr. Cheung is responsible for oversight of all corporate activities of the company on a global basis. Mr. Cheung is directly involved in the development of  Blockchain and Cryptotech platform  and promoting them on a global basis to investors around the world.


As Founder, Mr. Cheung plays a vital part in the company’s success. He works side by side with the CEO and COO to insure his corporate mandate and business vision is executed, so as to guide the company's growth and continued global expansion in marketing and identifying Blockchains products and sources of investors.


Prior to Blockchains Ltd, Mr. Cheung was involved for over 20 years as a private investor, business man, and merchant banker, managing and coordinating the financing of tens of millions of dollars of transaction proceeds, in numerous domestic and overseas business opportunities, across diverse sectors of industries including; natural gas, oil, mining, pharmaceuticals and technology.




Mr. Cheung plays a pivotal role in securing financing for large capital projects via family offices, hedge funds, and private equity. Mr. Cheung graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with a dual major in Computer/Finance and Business Administration. On his free time, he enjoys reading.