Conan Allen

Company Name

Quis nostrum exercitationem ullam corporis suscipit [...]

Mr. Allen is a key member of a company’s sales management team.  Among  Mr. Allen's job responsibilities include, managing and protecting relationships between the company's most important clients, advising and strengthening client loyalty, and establishing marketing and promotion call centers around the globe, so as to grow the company's global reach in attracting international investor clientele. Mr. Allen's skill sets and specialties include: marketing and promotion strategy and copywriting content, sales evaluation and monitoring, and public relations.


Prior to joining Blockchains Ltd, Mr. Allen has had a long and distinguished business career working for numerous large multinational corporations in their sales and marketing communications division.  Mr. Allen developed and executed for his companies brand positioning, marketing, PR, and innovative revenue generation for his companies products.




Mr. Allen's marketing and sales success lie in his ability to quickly set a simple, clear, and strong vision, objective, and market plan/strategy to achieve maximum sales results  through a modest and controlled budget.  


Mr. Allen also developed for his companies, advertising training programs to ensure marketers were developing advertising skills to be great marketers. Deployed innovative advertising evaluation programs that enabled marketers to evaluate their programs.  Mr. Allen was responsible for establishing numerous global reach internet and voice marketing centers to reach and attract worldwide consumers.