Since joining Blockchains Ltd in 2016, Mr. Reuben has been instrumental in helping to further revolutionize the crowdfunding industry. Mr. Reuben services as VP of Business Development, and has been instrumental in creating a seamless electronic process, from marketing and promoting the company's Blockchain Decentralized investment platforms, to consummation and investment by interested investors. Mr. Reuben is responsible for overall corporate marketing of investment products, and for developing all the promotional and marketing material used by the company.


Prior to joining Blockchains Ltd, Mr. Reuben spent the majority of his business career working for corporations in their sales and marketing divisions. Mr. Reuben was responsible for developing and executing brand and innovation strategies, consumer learning plans, and marketing and sales strategy for products. In addition, Mr. Reuben also responsible for Identifying  for his companies products key consumer segments, positioning strategies, product initiatives, and pricing and consumer strategies to meet corporate business objectives. Mr. Reuben was also  responsible for developing a model by which he oversaw coordination and execution of a diverse marketing out reach team of specialists that created multinational marketing campaigns aimed at a world wide consumers. He also produced marketing literature including pamphlets, website copy, and visual marketing tools. Mr. Reuben's skills and strength lie in developing marketing and promotion strategies and tactics that ultimately lead to drive potential consumers to website engagement in real time, viewing products or services, and conversion of these consumers to a sale of product or service.